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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 30, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm AST

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zero recounts the shocking story of the assassination of count cabana dot. tossed by the security council to mediate between arabs and israelis. his death would prove one of the darkest days in the quest for peace in the middle east. killing the count at this time on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. alone welcome my name's peter w. watching the news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next
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sixty minutes spanish prosecutors are due in court shortly to seek formal charges against catalonia as independence leaders. our sovereignty is a red line we don't accept anybody interfering our sovereignty. casaus a mia reaffirms the importance of safeguarding his country's integrity but also his willingness to resolve the gulf crisis. i'm a clock reporter on the remarkable return of the animal that has been seen in britain percent truth and the controversy it's causing by its ability to take down trees and to change whole landscape and sport the houston astros edge one of the most dramatic gains in world series history thirteen twelve one of the l.a. dodgers putting the astros in sight of the first let's start. with begin this news with this story space. top prosecutor is expected to seek
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charges against those responsible for a vote that led to catalonia declaring independence there is speculation that the catalan leader catalyst might be arrested on friday madrid sacked catalonia his government dissolved its parliament and then called a snap election for the region in december hundreds of thousands of people rallied in barcelona on sunday to call for a united spain under simmons is our correspondent following that story for us so andrew how close are we in theory to mr putin want being behind bars. well there is no definite indication as to what's going to happen there is intense speculation in the media they could be arrested however until the prosecutor general gets though the other geishas in front of a judge of the judge decides what sort of charge is going to be leveled if any and saw no one knows exactly what will happen there but i can tell you now after many
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hours of speculation and. total guesswork on where everyone is it does appear now that all members of the party in the government to the dreaded government claims is being sacked all around the wicket there will be a meeting of p d cats which is colors pushed him on his party at its headquarters people are arriving there right now this is going to give some power to it would seem on what exactly this group of what the spanish government describes as former ministers are going to do now apparently according to t.v. three public parts state owned t.v. channel the government is not going to assume its positions in the institutions however they are going to decide what action they go. to be taking
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as far as they're concerned. they have declared a republic that's what happened in parliament on a constitutional vote so it was a democratic vote they say by seventy to ten votes but of course we've what we've seen is article one five five roll out a flurry of sackings over the weekend and assertions from the spanish government that they are fully in control of this region and now what we're seeing also is some government ministers showing up for work came form the interior minister has arrived at his office prior to that we saw that. the minister of chela tree unsustainability he arrived at his office and there was a report that the most asked him to leave now he did leave later on but said to waiting reporters that he was just going about his duties but he along with others will arrive at this meeting of p.d.
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cat in their offices and are many thanks leslie with that story for you. as a political analyst he joins us live now from madrid miguel. do you think barcelona will ultimately except direct rule from madrid. well it is the acceptance in a way would were seen. i would say something extraordinary sort of a. soft handed the standard of if that sort of thing is possible both sides on the one hand you see yes several high ranking officials in the castle and government who have been these amazed by the imposition of the electoral are turning up for work meaning they are in the finance of these missiles but crucially they do it in a very i would say in a very clever way yes they enter their offices then they leave them they don't sign papers so they are more or less keep in in the free inch of legality and
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on the other hand that you have the spanish government should act perhaps more forcefully according to to what it has promised to do it would have for example arrested them but he's not doing that is doing is giving them a few hours they say to pick up their things and leave which means that the spanish government does not have a not put aside now for a standoff for a real standard for a confrontation with the dismissed cattle and regional government and this is understandable because both sides are now interested in the escalating this conflict for different reasons interesting the use the word legality between these elections that may or may not happen on the twenty first of december in your mind what's the judicial map that they may follow between today and just before christmas. well as we have from your correspondent today a judge will decide which charges will be brought upon very senior counsel and
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politicians we're talking about the president the vice president the whole of the council and regional government the speaker of parliament now if these people are finally charged with sedition and rebellion these are very very serious crimes they carry sentences of up to thirty years in some cases this could in a way backfire and i think the government would be happy now to to stop all of these they have to use. these these potential charges subsidization as a as a deterrent that didn't work at the target and to prevent the catalan government from the clear independence but it didn't work and now that it didn't work i would say it is a problem for the government as much as for the for the catalan leaders who could be indicted because this could backfire this could render gys the base of the of the nationalist the secession is could come out in the streets in force they are now i would say they are now very depressed they are they are really losing momentum because of what happened on friday that their creation of the pens didn't
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go as they hoped the public is not real it's not really happening and then came these direct role so i would say the judicial thing is going to be taken i thing with some easiness is not going i mean if the government can influence in some way but how things developed in the judicial scene they will try to stop it i don't think they are interested in this now there are other consequences obviously something like twelve thousand companies have or are in the process of relocating out of this region one fifth of the spanish economy comes out of catalonia those businesses even the big businesses that find it easy to move out of the region the small businesses not so much but they want stability the markets wants to belittle who's going to give them that stability because you seem to be saying that both sides in this debate are kind of backed themselves into a corner. yes well the central government certainly hopes
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that the election in december will bring stability but that of course is provided the union is wane and the nationalists lose their majority this is now seems likely because of the past with the events in the past few days which have been disastrous for the match of the nationalists in front of the of their followers some believe that the nationalists have not acted forceful enough or those believe that they went too far so yes it's true that the nationalists are not in good shape now for the election but we have two months to go and many things can happen so it is a gamble on the part of the central government to respect to win those elections all the unionist parties to win those elections on the other side the nationalists what will bring stability from their point of view of course it would be the republic the cuts and republicans they have they have the cloud but this isn't seem to working at all is not just that it does not have international recognition which
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is essential for any new country but they themselves don't seem very keen on the friend in this republic they seem to understand that it was sort of an empty gesture symbolic very important that threshold in time so if you study called times but nothing that can be actually implemented on the ground we go and think you can answer me or is reiterating the importance of safeguarding his country's sovereignty but also his commitment to dialogue to resolve the gulf diplomatic crisis seek to me been hammered all funny was speaking to the u.s. t.v. program sixty minutes council has been on the blockade for almost five months after saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt cut diplomatic trade ties my kind of from washington. there was no sign of friction among gulf leaders when they met president trump on its first foreign trip it was all smiles and a common pledge to combat terrorism in all its forms it less than two weeks later
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the blockade against qatar was launched much to the surprise of carter's emir shaikh bin. we were praising each other. laughing with each other this cussing you know how to solve this terrorism that is a threat for the rest of the world they're making demands of you that you shut down al-jazeera that you may given your word that you're not supporting any islamic groups are you going to meet these demands our sovereignty is a red line we don't accept anybody interfering in our sovereignty when you tell me to close a china like al-jazeera history were right one day in fifty or sixty seventy years how it changed the whole idea of free speech in the region do you believe that they want regime change yes they one they want a regime change it's obvious history as well tells us teaches us that they tried to do that before in one thousand nine hundred six after my father. became the emir of
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qatar has denied any support for terrorism. offered this explanation as to why the taliban was allowed to open an office in doha the reason why they came here it's not because we asked them to come here because other people like the united states america united states wanted the taliban here they wanted to have dialogue so they asked us if we can host them here and have the dialogue so that we host of them here this is the reason why they're here how what they say and we want to turn and believe me charlie we want to turn. but nothing is going to be about our dignity our sovereignty but we want to turn i only say that if they get no walk one meters toward me i'm willing to walk ten thousand miles towards them but maybe left to others to persuade those continuing the blockade to take that first step mike hanna al-jazeera washington. bahrain's foreign minister is calling for cas are to be frozen out of the regional bloc the gulf cooperation council bin ahmed al
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khalifa has tweeted that bahrain won't attend the forthcoming g.c.c. summit unless cattle meets the demands of the blockading countries plenty more ahead here on the news for you including me a government office to take back some range of refugees but the numbers don't add up. fighting breast cancer and stigma look at how one organization is confronting the challenge in sierra leone. and in sport houston texans players react to comments made by the team owner who compared them to in the. syrian government forces of storm one of the last remaining neighborhoods held by ice and in the eastern city of heroes or the media is the most populous areas still under the armed groups control one hundred eighty people live there the syrian army broke eyesores four year siege of their us or in september but there are still
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small pockets of resistance. the seventh round of talks aimed at ending the six year long war in syria they're getting underway in the cassock capital a stana meeting is expected to call for a cease fire between government forces and rebel groups for at least six months the clearance of mines prisoner swaps and the release of hostages also on the agenda the talks are sponsored by iran and russia which support the syrian government and turkey which backs the rebels imran khan joins us live now from our stana imran over to you. well let me just tell you that the talks as you say are under way they're very much of a technical nature right now the russians the iranians and the turks are meeting they're discussing what role to take in those destabilized deescalation zones that have been established four of them of the six round of talks that took place here in september now the syrian opposition are also here i'm joined now by consultant
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to the syrian opposition are really welcome to our jazeera firstly before we get into what it is that you want to see from these talks let's talk about the u.s. secretary of state to this and he said he wants independent verifiable elections but he doesn't see the family having any future role in syrian politics is that realistic and will you work with a set if you remains in any sort of role any sort of political role. well. look at these things this in mystically they would say that we are we have heard these statements these are official statements by american officers so over other times and nothing has happened and at the same time they can say to you that they. it is this such statements made by american officials are part of the tension between the united states and russia. if they are to look at it optimistically they would they would say that it is
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a high really high time for american officials for american general and took his allies its policy towards syria and to see something on the ground however they say that the proof of the british. and. concerning living with this brutal regime i don't think that this is possible because such a regime is the best description for continue which of terrorism could do to a war continue with your bloodshed in syria if the world is quite serious to make the rule of law. and order take effect in syria they should definitely go back to geneva and make political transition in syria let's talk about the standard talks what is that they you're really looking for to come out from these talks is hostage exchange prison exchange one of the things that you're really pushing for well two things are considered the priority for the syrian opposition first is the issue of the detainees or the prisoners or the people or
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almost three hundred thousand people taken hostage actually. and such an issue is beyond negotiations and it has been stated in articles twelve thirteen fourteen in. geneva. solution two to five four and it is really high. time for the world to interfere and put an end to such as tragedy of those people the second thing is the creation earlier which are being breached by that is g.m. and iran on almost daily basis and russia is a go into and it's supposed to do something about that. let's talk now about the idea of the syrian opposition you guys are far from unified there has been issues between you in the past however do you think that because of to listens comments about president bashar last night because of the istana talks going the way they
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are that you can unify that you can become one unified block is that something that you're looking forward to doing well you know the issue of the opposition being fragmented and the. goal has been used as a pretext on the part of the dream on the part of iran in the part of russia and the in the so-called moscow and cairo platforms in two to five four is no more than pretext for the enforcement of such a prick mentation and the discrediting of the opposition the alternate goal of russia actually is the key being or recycling such a regime and such a thing would not work and they are trying to continuously to discredit as but. in a sense the opposition is unified but it is just the format is what they are looking for and the format can never be more important than substance they say
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thank you very much these talks continue here in a start over the next coming days we should be having a press conference tomorrow i'll update you more when we hear what they say when we hear about iran thanks very much. there is as of today a factional dispute within the kurdish parliament in iraq after the president asked for buzz and he said he won't be standing for another term in office he was the driving force behind last month's controversial referendum on succession which triggered that regional crisis stephanie dechen out. an independent kurdistan was supposed to be his legacy and yet it seems to have led to his downfall. a somber looking muscle but then he finally addressed the people directly on sunday night after relative silence for weeks one on one. according to the law the president's camp extended by the parliament however i informed the parliament and i will not extend my term i will not accept any amendment in the or
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to extend my term as president supporters of the president gathered outside parliament they managed to get into its grounds despite the presence of riot police at the entrance opposition media was attacked these men also asked around for the names of critical opposition m.p.'s but it didn't disrupt parliament which after hours of talks approved the redistribution of presidential powers among the government parliament and the judiciary after twelve years as president come wednesday by design he will take some lot of a back seat he remains head of the k.g.b. party and he'll still lead the high political council a body created to deal with the post referendum phase and he said he will remain what he called the highest rank of references to the peshmerga featured heavily in his televised address last saturday. in the fight against eisel the peshmerga showed great bravery to the people of kurdistan china defending spirit the international community came here the role of the peshmerga the people of kurdistan but unfortunately at the time they had to show action they all went back to their
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own interests and all the principles disappeared you also referenced a kurdish proverb saying again we realize that the kurds only have the mountains as our friends but he also mentioned the betrayal over losing her cook in reference to fellow kurds in an opposition party at the end of his address present must food but is that the kurds to be unified they've always been internal divisions here but the aftermath of that controversial referendum seems to have widened those cracks in kurdish unity could perhaps be the biggest challenge in the short term stephanie decker al-jazeera. saudi arabia has accused iran of destroying efforts to end the war in yemen it says who see rebels couldn't operate without the backing of tehran with no end in sight the u.n. says the humanitarian situation is worsening here some of the injured aid. for more than two years this has been the situation in many many cities a prolonged war between a saudi led coalition and crew iran who the rebels. and the humanitarian conditions
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have worsened for nearly twenty one million people who now need assistance or protection as the hoodies continue to fire missiles and fight back forces their spokesman has again called for dialogue that almost. we're ready to work towards a solution in all regions to end this conflict but there should be at least a response from the other side instead of waiting for decisions to come from saudi arabia yemen's government in exile responded from saudi arabia at a conference to solve the humanitarian crisis the u.n. reports peace plan which demands a cessation of hostilities and withdrawal of captured areas has failed so far but yemeni officials insist it's the only way forward when has he with a mission and it only for human defeating the iranian project in yemen and stopping the war requires supporting the efforts of the un and the special envoy to yemen as the only path to achieve peace. frustrated or hearing both sides repeating the same
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rhetoric while the suffering worsens. the so. either human catastrophe. very. still effective. in order to bring young men into submission. they. contributed and flourishing black market i think we need another human tyrion intervention and the only or the best. party to do that is really the united nations. the war has destroyed the already reek infrastructure no clean water being pumped or filtered due to electricity shortages and destroyed pipes has resulted in the world's worst cholera outbreak in decades the saudi blockade on imports means no food or medicine can enter and whatever does get through convoy distributed because of destroyed roads and bridges this means children are dying from lack of vaccinations and
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preventable diseases at their malnourished bodies can't fight back against simple things like a flu. once again the saudi government has promised an investigation in compensation for victims of the airstrikes about to as happened before and while warring sides proclaim their desire for peace the suffering in yemen has no real end in sight some of the job aid that they're now to me i'm aware the state media is reporting that politicians and businessmen are meeting to discuss setting up an economic zone in rakhine state meanwhile as army claimed peace and stability had returned to the region at least six hundred thousand people from the minority community have fled that state since august following the military crackdown there now in bangladesh i mean maher government minister told local media it's likely that one hundred fifty or injure will be repatriated every day florence louis has more from young. the government is keen to portray that a sense of normalcy has returned to northern rakhine state now this is the state
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owned media global new light of myanmar and its lead article says entrepreneurs to develop rakhine this follows a meeting on sunday between local politicians and business men to talk about set setting up new industries in more as well as an economic zone there and this is the area that's been hardest hit by a military crackdown that started on august twenty fifth an opinion piece in the same paper also said because peace and stability have returned to the area it's time to think about development projects that will help alleviate poverty there and while this is happening or hinder activists say they are still receiving reports and videos of houses will hinder houses being burned down not by the military but five a kind that is mobbed these reports are extremely difficult to verify because journalists have not been granted unrestricted access they are allowed into the area only on government as quarter trips but this should call into question the government
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narrative and analysts have also said focusing on economic development alone will not help resolve the real hinge or crisis when you have an entire population and in time when already severely discriminated against and persecuted. now in a few moments we'll have the weather with everton but also still ahead here on al-jazeera children become the latest tool for mexican people smugglers to gain the upper hand on the u.s. border patrol's. the global online campaign against sexual harassment takes to the streets in france. and this was news then we will hear from the tennis player celebrating the biggest win of her career. from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. well the weather wasn't quite so great for denmark yesterday i can tell you
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that we had some very nasty weather pushing in from the north sea flooding rains made their way down into germany into much of central europe sees a very stormy conditions this was the scene in hamburg where we had some very high waters coming through a nasty area of low pressure just pushed in and has made its way further issues with some strong winds as well so some pretty difficult conditions for many including the animals here as you can see the area of low pressure responsible that's now making its way further east was and there you go that's just pushing up towards that western side of russia but the winds still coming in from a general northerly direction they're starting to back off a little more sort of west of north tightly packed ice about indicate still some pretty strong winds to come in those strong winds have been stretching their way down into the czech republic so summery blowy conditions coming through here some trees down some power lines down and that again has caused some problems across the area things will improve as we go on through the next couple of days though i am
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pleased to say still quite breezy over towards the baltic states towards western side of russia temperatures struggling with the winds coming in from now looking at more than northwesterly direction so seven or eight celsius there for berlin and for vienna things picking up a little as we go on into choose day but cold enough for snow in moscow four degrees celsius their fair bit of snow coming through the moderator that is further west we are getting up to around thirteen fourteen degrees in london and also into paris and cloud coming through as we go on through a wedding day seeing less in the way of snow there for that eastern side of here up as we go on into the middle part of the way i'm pleased to say by this state long last those temperatures picking up for central europe. the weather sponsored by the time release. it is the inhabitants of a nation that give it its unique identity. each culture maintained and developed
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by the endeavors of its people in a six part series al jazeera delves into tunisia's rich tapestry through the prism of six extraordinary individuals. micronesia coming soon on a. subzero temperatures extreme altitudes. this is where the hard part because of the extraordinary journey from polish to tajikistan braved ordinary joy to what we do high up there's no oxygen. just to experience life simple pleasures. risking it all or kurdistan at this time on al jazeera.
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welcome back you're with the al-jazeera news are your headlines so far today spain's top prosecutor is expected to seek charges against those responsible for catalonia his independence declaration america saw says he wants to resolve the gulf that matter crisis as long as his country's sovereignty is respected beyond a blockade for almost five months after saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt cut ties and the seventh round of talks aimed at resolving syria's war they have now begun in the cas a capital a star at the meeting is expected to call for a cease fire between government forces and rebel groups for at least six months. u.s. news organizations are reporting the first charges have been laid in the investigation into alleged russian meddling in last year's u.s.
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presidential election campaign a federal grand jury has been hearing evidence led by the special counsel robert mala brunell's now from washington. do solemnly swear that the road to indictment began in january when the u.s. intelligence community concluded russia meddled in the twenty sixteen election on behalf of donald trump i have not yet seen any depended of the evidence of collusion and i've seen a lot of evidence that the russians were very active in trying to influence the election. f.b.i. director james comey was investigating possible collusion between russia and the trump campaign when president trump abruptly fired him in may trump soon admitted coma's dismissal was related to the russia investigation the justice department then appointed robert muller a former prosecutor and f.b.i. director and gave him broad authority to conduct
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a wide ranging investigation which is now about to bring its first charges. for your jersey governor chris christie is a trump supporter and also a former federal prosecutor when you're going after the smaller fish to get the bigger fish usual charge them that's usually stuff that's working behind the scenes because what you want to do is keep that smaller fish having turned secret because it helps them to be able to gather more information some bowler's team has interviewed current and former administration officials including former national security advisor michael flynn who was fired for lying about his meetings with russian officials during the presidential transition former truck campaign manager paul mann a ford is under intense scrutiny by miller we know that the russian government through intermediaries was reaching out to the trump campaign reaching out to all metaphors another's and offering information on hillary clinton they fought would help the trump campaign moller has widened the investigation to clute possible obstruction of justice as well as the trump family's business and
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financial dealings and has taken a keen interest in the june two thousand and sixteen meeting at trump tower attended by donald trump jr trump son in law jared cushion or and a russian lawyer with ties to the kremlin at that meeting junior expected to receive damaging information about hillary clinton from russian contacts. now the question we continue to vest again is. was the campaign coordinating and the russian help not still remains to be seen there certainly. the evidence that's highly suggestive of that in terms of the meeting in trump tower but a lot more work needs to be done trump has called the inquiry a witch on there's no clear indication that trump himself is the target of muller's investigation most constitutional scholars believe a sitting president cannot be indicted and that the only remedy for improper or illegal behavior by the chief executive is impeachment and removal from office by
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congress rob reynolds al jazeera washington. puerto rico's power company is scrapping a three hundred million dollars deal to restore electricity but insists the agreement was not illegal the contract between white fish energy holdings and the bankrupt power utility was canceled because there was no competitive bidding around seventy five percent of homes and businesses in this u.s. territory are still without electricity after the hurricane hit last month. in the it well our contract is being evaluated our procedures are being evaluated i have been called by the congress of the united states to provide information in person and answer some questions so we are come because we are sure everything was done according to the norms and the law as for the implication or the results of this cancellation it hasn't been an easy decision. to american women who'd been adrift
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on their boat in the pacific for five months have arrived in japan after being rescued by the u.s. navy jennifer poland tash. left hawaii in may for tahiti on a trip that was meant to take three weeks but the engine on their fifteen metre long boat was damaged because about weather hundreds of discretion calls failed until last week when a time when he's fishing vessel spotted them and then alerted the navy. were like yes someone who can actually help what. they're doing everything. here is going to. thousands of people in france have taken the me too online campaign out onto the streets the hashtags being used by millions of women worldwide to protest against sexual harassment was triggered by the harvey weinstein scandal the hollywood producer accused of sexual assault and rape from paris. the message has already gone viral on the internet in
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france women in paris sunday were making sure it was heard loud and clear on the streets as well. paris meant as an everyday part of their lives and it has to stop because almost all women have experienced sexual aggression harassments words are in their day to day life so. there's no doubt that the problem in this country. the younger generation have been born is a time where equality isn't rights already exist once you've earned that right then you can stop the struggle. how many of us have been bribed or sexually harassed all the women i know have been harassed but didn't know that many women had been right
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. the gender equality minister. has set out plans for new laws including on the spot fines for cat calling. behavior public. and the french president emanuel macron has also acknowledged the scale of the issue in a television interview this month he said what adds insult to injury is the silence the to boom too often women don't press charges because they don't dare to he said activists have set up a special mobile phone number for women being repeatedly press for their personal contacts if the man doing the harrison rings it will get a text message back saying if a woman says no she means no. street terrorist meant makes up ten percent of the violence against women so this is a tool for them but to find a long term social solution we need the government to act only five percent of reported cases of harris mage reach court in france and less than ten percent of
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those result in a conviction and four hundred thousand women have actually lost their jobs for reporting it david chaytor al-jazeera. tobar is breast cancer awareness month many sufferers in sierra leone have to deal with huge medical costs as well as the stigma one organization is doing what it can to improve understanding of the disease name that of the ports now from freetown. mariama babie who prepares dinner for her family is not a difficult task but she's grateful she can even do it she's a breast cancer survivor and it's not been an easy journey she couldn't afford the operation to have a lump or moved or vital medications. or not so we really have no money my friends have been helping me even my kids console is a woman i thought of to alex my friends on church members mariam his daughter keeps an eye on her as she still suffers pain and there's
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a chance the cancer could come back. the world health organization states five hundred seventy thousand women died from breast cancer in twenty days and that figure is on the rise particularly in developing countries where the majority of women are diagnosed that early stage in sierra leone or register was only started in two thousand and twelve i can estimate up to twenty percent from ten percent when distribute shores created tomorrow because of the freeze up to trying to present all freemen i suffered from breast cancer conti says because of a lack of awareness women don't seek a diagnosis early enough but it's hope that will change for breast cancer awareness month one local organization called the well woman clinic has been offering free screenings for people to detect for lumps and also showing them how to do some breast examinations the screenings also look for any other abnormalities. and stop the clinic give talks about the disease one of the biggest challenges is
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a lack of equipment including mammogram machines this can best diagnose breast cancer specifically for older women undergoing breast changes these could be a natural aging process the question but it could be construed as well but that if you look to the chest then you know you don't live in the clinic it's raising funds for a mammogram machine most women can't afford to go abroad for treatment jennifer brunner thomas helped found the clinic after me. using family i have a strong passion and i want everybody to be this way because i know what i went through with my own time my sister and i don't think people should go back but many are still too shy to talk about breast cancer some saying it's still seen as a stick my her community mariama has a message for people dealing with breast cancer i've got them is going through i want to tell my friend the woman. that's just one more challenge that he still takes time to overcome need of reason al-jazeera freetown sierra leone still to
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come here on the news hour in this was with andy lewis hamilton gets the world title winning feeling for the fourth time in his career.
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well again criminal gangs in mexico are recruiting children to smuggle undocumented migrants into the u.s. al-jazeera has obtained rare access to some of the children acting as guides in shootouts what is just across the border from texas john heilemann has a story. beyond the train is the united states so close to see that what is
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mexico you can almost reach out and touch it. the dream of many is to get to the other side and that's where mexican cartels have scented an opportunity smuggling across those without visas for a price. what's little known is to do that they're increasingly relying on mine is as people smugglers they call them towards. this fourteen year old boy is one of them like others we talked to two hundred dollars for every mexican he takes across five hundred percent from americans with the money i can do many things buy clothes and you do many things for my family. the cartels recruit put your details in the poorer parts of quantities they can a more in a single night than their parents do in four months working in the cities border factories. government officials told us that strong young people into the business
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along the u.s. mexico divide you might be surprised to know that only thirty percent of the us mexico border is covered by any sort of fence and it's where that ends that the young guides try to get their kites across the united states. for your return still face the desert with its snakes biting cold and the waiting u.s. border patrol i think we had close to close to seventy people that were identified as human are smugglers in two thousand and six in twenty sixteen we had almost one hundred fifty people identified as being human are human smugglers the problem for the u.s. is that it's extremely hard to prosecute minors and that's exactly why the cartels are using them they can run the routes again and again if they're caught it usually just means a ride back to mexico. they're handed over to this government center where a small but dedicated team gives them classes while they wait for parents to pick
1:45 pm
them up trying to encourage them to go back to school and intensity that director here berthel saul is worries if they don't they'll only get more tangled up in the cartels your money would ask if they could finish getting into arms trafficking kidnapping he says. after being caught in his first crossing his seventeen year old is one of those who decided to. begin working with remember when i got scared i thought something would happen to me he told us but like many of what is young his options are limited and the prospect of a night's work rewarded with hundreds of dollars is a temptation whatever age you are john home and out is it or see it out. people who suffered under the soviet leader joseph stalin have been remembered a ceremony in moscow hundreds of people took turns to read the names of those executed under the orders of stalin and the events organizers estimate as many as twelve million people face persecution during the so-called great tara stone and
1:46 pm
led the soviet union for twenty nine years into his death in one nine hundred fifty three. and you exhibition has opened in canada to challenge visitors to think about the holocaust from a unique perspective its creators explore how the nazis manipulated architecture to create maximum fia at auschwitz and the age of fake news it highlights the importance of evidence in reconstructing such atrocities daniel lacma from toronto . at first glance there isn't a lot to see in the evidence room no photographs no actual documents or artifacts nothing is labeled or explained it's all models built by designers from the university of waterloo all reconstructed evidence of atrocities at the auschwitz death camp you have to work very hard to in this room to start actually to reconstruct what is going on here i mean we have some kind of major kind of guy ghosts that some people are i mean there are people spend two or three hours here
1:47 pm
and that is for me very satisfying to see that they're willing to put to work in a wire wood and metal chute to deliver the poisonous gas that killed more than a million prisoners mostly jews in auschwitz alone next to it two doors from the gas chamber the glass peephole is covered up on the inside so people couldn't smash it and breathe clean air a door latch that may have been the last sound victims ever heard from outside the chamber. it all makes the point that the professional classes of nazi society work together to plan the holocaust it takes medicine it takes engineering it takes architecture it takes information management takes transportation planning it takes industrial. management and it turns all these things not to the winning of war. to simply that. the exhibit was inspired by robert van pelt's participation in a libel trial in two thousand where british holocaust denier david irving sued
1:48 pm
a us historian and lost the legal ruling discredited those who refused to believe that the massacre of eleven million people by nazi germany ever took place exhibition organizers say the issues remain highly relevant today where terms such as fake news are used to challenge reality evidence versus opinion what is a fact what is an alternative fact and this probes those questions and forces people to think deeply about the museum asked holocaust survivors for advice in this wall of photographs outside the main exhibit is their suggestion these are all people who died at auschwitz their pictures among possessions left behind in the ruins of the death camp the evidence of atrocity a small tribute to the lives of the many many victims daniel lack al-jazeera toronto. anding sport thank you so much hates while the houston astros have won one
1:49 pm
of the most dramatic games in world series history the astros basing the l.a. dodgers. in the tenth inning finale the series three to honor insights of a first world series title so how microphones. the wild swings of game five. with the houston astros four one down against the los angeles dodgers you need to escape being banned from this world series the making a racist gesture in game three hit a three run homer full of the astros to level the school for four. in the fifth cody bell and you responded in kind for the dodgers. with the series poised to chew on a fountain head back to los angeles the dodgers look to be taking charge of their three run advantage was restored. that's. back in this game no legal face. to face much the no other three on homer and the game with never let seven sevens. i. in the seventh inning george springer of the astros summed up the explosive
1:50 pm
nature of the nine steps to this homerun triggering an early fireworks show. that seems to be the astros extended the lead to three runs in the eighth inning by now houston had also become the first team in the world series history to have five different plays homa in the game. but with their lay down to their final strike in the nine. to six the tension level still had room to rise as the dodgers and never the game once again at twelve twelve. after all the home run there was a walk off in both from the astros bragg's in the ten that finally decided the game after more than five hours back from. thirteen twelve when. the two best teams in baseball fighting to the very andon cone toe to toe with each other i mean that. everybody was use on both teams pretty much everything every
1:51 pm
single player and it's special for us to come out on top i think this whole series has been an emotional roller coaster it's the two best teams playing for a championship and these are two teams that play twenty seven i was like we've talked about and so you're not going to expect those guys to lay down. their theories and all the drama with human los angeles and one thing would be after one win away from the first ever world series time. to heal malik. football team is also been making headlines after a majority of players nailed before sunday's game out in response to comments made by their franchises about forty houston texans players that nailed the head of the game against the seattle seahawks texans i know. is quoted as saying we can't have the inmates running the prison when referring to ongoing demonstrations during the pre-game anthem the movement was started by former san francisco forty nine ers quarterback colin cap an expert test against racial injustice. family as
1:52 pm
a team and you know it you know we came together as a team and want to do you know send a message from him and that's when we started to do and i stand by my brother. the fans of spanish football teams iran are celebrating one of the biggest wins and i club's history the catalan side are in spain's top flight for the first ever time and on sunday repeat champions real madrid one eight points behind leaders barcelona. lewis hamilton has won the formula one drivers title for a fourth time despite finishing ninth in sunday's mexican grown prix and alton's title rival sebastian vettel chances left in paces after the pack alighted at the start pizza stand at reports. mexico will celebrate the day of the dead in the next few days and formula one fans with scene in their costumes at the racetrack in mexico city. a chaotic start meant it was always going to be difficult
1:53 pm
to keep sebastian vettel hopes alive bittle colliding with hamilton both men having to pit. and really enter the race from the back. coming into the race the german needed to win and hope lewis hamilton finished well down the grid if at all vettel charged his way up the grid and would eventually manage to reach as high as fourth place hamilton also overtook several drivers although he would only get as high as ninth. while all this was going on twenty year old dutch driver max for stop and lead the mexican grand prix from start to finish this is first up and food grand prix win and many see him as a future world champion but in twenty seventeen the title of world champion belongs to lewis hamilton seldom before has ninth place been so rewarding. yes it doesn't feel real man i mean obviously that's not the kind of race that i want.
1:54 pm
when you're forty seconds behind us something but you know i never gave up and that's really i guess what's important is in my heart. i can't go right to the end so i'm grateful for today and i just want to get up to my family and to god and then as i said my team. hamilton now has four f one world titles and this is he's good in four years it is also a fourth straight constructors title. peter stammered al-jazeera pakistan's cricket has made a triumphant return home as they beat sri lanka in the most important match played in that country since two thousand and nine pakistan won the t twenty international in the hole by thirty six runs sri lanka of the first major test science of play in the country since gunmen attacked that same bus in the same city eight years ago. i can wozniak you has been reflecting on the biggest win of her career on sunday venus williams to win the w t a finals despite being former world number one the dane has never won a grand slam title and finished as
1:55 pm
a runner up at this season ending events back in two thousand and ten. i'm just happy that i've won this week it's a huge title for me and a big step for me in my career and i'm just going to enjoy this and hopefully. it's going to be a good push for the for the next season ok she spoke and of many things an animal that was hunted to extinction in the u.k. nearly five hundred years ago is making a return last year the scottish government ruled beavers will have protected status is nick locke. wissmann is wood more in southwest england the last remnants of an ancient forest against the relic of a time past that some in pot would like to see return britain was once covered in wilderness like this and in this wilderness it dull manner of animals including bands wolves and links of course all those animals are now long gone hunted to extinction is the human population grew and cleared land for agriculture. well
1:56 pm
there is a species that hasn't been seen for hundreds of years and has now returned and here in devon the fascinating evidence felled trees and downed waterways the trademark work of not only active beavers reintroduced after an absence of five hundred years now the focus of license monitoring trials at different locations in the u.k. they're really good engineers they're also very industrious creatures as well as feeding they're looking to ninety nine expand their landscape but the good thing about beavers is that it's a landscape that suits lots of other animals too so it's virtuous circle it's what we call a keystone species the beaver changes its landscape but it changes the wildlife as well that fills that landscape such cautious monitoring of the beavers reintroduction is essential five hundred miles to the north in scotland the impact of unchecked beaver populations is a big problem for farmers this is normally dry. just in the ditch over here
1:57 pm
and they are busy trying to flood this area on a swathe of prime farmland across and beyond the group of b visit let loose illegally in two thousand and two has grown to an estimated four hundred fifty individuals it cost me four to five thousand pounds a year to degrees out because i have to hire an adult but when the water rises blocking out the drains causes flood damage into the fields which we're trying to produce crops often produce food off that is a major problem for us we need a management plan is responsive to the needs of farmers that recognise that different bits of wine can cope with beavers in different ways but accept that management is a fundamental part of having the species in this country in two thousand and sixteen the scottish government announced to be visit will have protected status and will be allowed to stay and i know all that laos roam these lands in the sixteenth century is back for good where it is allowed to live clearly needs to be
1:58 pm
carefully considered and controlled but in the right place it's a welcome return to the ecosystem of the british isles. al-jazeera. scott. and that was a broadcast that was the news of sammy's here a couple of minutes i'm back a little bit off to the we will see you very soon thanks for watching but i think.
1:59 pm
george bush. a new television station in afghanistan is turning the focus on women it's on t.v. they are on camera in the guest chair and in the control room the founder of zone t.v. says this project couldn't wait this team is for those mothers some bosis that on those wife's living in afghanistan there's all this talking about their rights but they didn't see anything in a nation where education was forbidden for girls as recently as two thousand and one a network just for women is a mark of progress there's also a very real element of danger of course we are threatened but be conscious that in the corner of our homes we have to go forward and develop ourselves and help bring
2:00 pm
peace and stability to our country in colombia transforming urban waste into building blocks of us just the president of the west blasting the war we can finish . in just ten years and in singapore for a chicken farms and living building anything you do on land on the ground it doesn't make sense to do that on a building and i come we might have not just decorative but can we might get biologically productive earthrise discovers cutting edge solutions for sustainable city at this time on al-jazeera. spanish prosecutors are doing called shortly to seek formal charges against catalonia as independence leaders.


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